Public Transport.. and Church

Strange how one forgets culture shock so easily.. Looking back, I have found that I do not really remember how hard I found it to make my way around London.  I did carry an A-Z with me wherever I went for a while, and even felt like Harry Potter trying to find platform 9 and 3/4 […]


Strange to think that a year ago, I was hiding in my bed, under my duvet, staring at the ceiling and lost in dark thoughts.  Back then, I was in the grips of depression, and did not care whether I lived or died, did not eat or sleep, and could not leave the house because […]

Day/Week one

Day one. It’s been difficult as expected. Reverse culture shock.. knowing about it is not the same as being prepared for it. And I am woefully unprepared. I think I have been prepared for the most important things, such as family, and finding a church. But i haven’t been prepared for smaller things, such as […]