God is NOT Dead.

I just watched a snippet of the film “God is Not Dead.” It detailed Josh Wheaton’s dialogues with his professor, and his eventual “triumph” over the argument, winning the entire class to declare that God is alive. During the twenty minutes of that video, I had several things going through my mind. The first was […]

Realisation about Giving

The church I used to attend in London is currently undergoing a review. That means that they are reviewing how they use their resources, such as money, people, and digital media, to make sure that they are being efficient and not wasting the resources that God has given. One of the issues that inevitably comes […]

Settling in, Church – 8 months later

I’m currently writing this in London, as I am on holiday. I am encouraged to hear that a few people still read my blog (sometimes), although it’s not always worth reading since I don’t seem to update so much. (I have three other blogs because I am mad like that: an Art blog, a “depression” […]

Alex Greaves

Originally posted on Grace Encountered:
Alex is a third year English student at Trinity Hall. Fact: I hate Christian blogs. Sorry if you are a Christian and write a blog – I don’t hate all of them. Just the other day I read a helpful blog on depression, which was by a Christian. But so…

So… Hello again?

Been aaaages since I updated. long story, don’t think you all really want to read it. you know how much I ramble on anyway. Short version. – joined a new small group, it’s great! getting to know people who are new to the church, great for establishing new friendships. But still feeling very distant. Please […]

Our Generation, and Morals?

Whilst at dinner this evening, I was part of a conversation where my mum and some of her friends (so, think 40s to 60s) were talking about the internet and internet threats. My mum complained how people could do anything they wanted because they hid behind their computer screens. It made me think about how […]

The balance

Today marks the fourth or so time ive been going to bible study group. And each time there has been lots of anxiety in the hours that leads up to it. Sometimes I have bad anxiety dreams. But each time God shows me that I have nothing to fear, and by giving me the strength […]


A small request: please pray for me, that I won’t be afraid of going to small groups next week. For a few days (not today) I have been consumed by anticipatory anxiety about going to small groups and church. I also had a cold, which made it easy for me to not go (because obviously I didn’t […]

Small group, and a job (!?!?)

Wooo another blog for my friends who don’t actually mind hearing a blow by blow account of my life 😉 I attended my first ever small group for bible study on Friday last week, and was elated and humbled in equal measure. My group (it feels so weird and great to be saying that!) consists […]

Good news!

So the weather has been really hot lately – and I really miss the cool weather in the UK.. but having said that, I really want to try my best and settle in (procrastination included.. meaning settling in might take longer than I would like). So what’s the news? Well, after lots of procrastination, I […]