Alex Greaves

Where else can we go, if Jesus is the only way? We had a think about this during the easter sunday service..

Grace Encountered

Alex is a third year English student at Trinity Hall.

Fact: I hate Christian blogs.

10331806_10152118475143348_838939224_nSorry if you are a Christian and write a blog – I don’t hate all of them. Just the other day I read a helpful blog on depression, which was by a Christian. But so often Christians are so tribal, writing things not even for the good of other Christians, but for their approval, leaving anyone who isn’t a Christian totally isolated even as we pretend to reach out to them. My facebook history is all just me posting about Christian things, in a Christian-witty way; and I look through my likes, and guess what? Christian, Christian, Christian.

So why am I writing this?

  1. Hypocrisy
  2. I am writing more for me than for you.

I hope that it will help sort out my head. Right now I am going through a significant period of doubt…

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