Good news!

So the weather has been really hot lately – and I really miss the cool weather in the UK.. but having said that, I really want to try my best and settle in (procrastination included.. meaning settling in might take longer than I would like). So what’s the news? Well, after lots of procrastination, I […]

The power of the Spirit

And the disciples were filled by the Holy Spirit, and they went forth to boldly proclaim the gospel, and many came to believe. I heard this sermon today at church. I wondered what it would look like. I mean, the book of Acts tells us that the disciples boldly went forth.. and we also know […]

Church and other news

So… ok I know I haven’t exactly been updating regularly. This is pure laziness and procrastination. Anyway I have been going to the crossing church for two weeks now, and thought I’d update you on how it’s all going. The first week was pretty scary, because I only knew a few people, and I didn’t […]