Good news!

So the weather has been really hot lately – and I really miss the cool weather in the UK.. but having said that, I really want to try my best and settle in (procrastination included.. meaning settling in might take longer than I would like).

So what’s the news? Well, after lots of procrastination, I have done a couple of small things on my to do list. I have joined the partnership class at the Crossing church, which is a really good opportunity for me to see the vision of the church, that I might better get behind the work that the Crossing is doing in Singapore. The other thing is that I am going to check out a small group this Friday – it is relatively near my house (few stops away on the same MRT line), so it should be ok travel-wise. I am really looking forward to this, because it is really quite daunting to get to know people, even in a small church. This is especially because I think younger Singaporeans (my age range) are either very shy, or don’t know how to be welcoming. I think that since the Crossing is constantly growing, as are its members – it will take a while for people to feel more comfortable in welcoming others. So I am looking forward to getting to know people better. Praise God that his word abounds in Singapore and that there are small groups to join, that sit under God’s word. Praise God that most of the churches in Singapore are English speaking – and I do not have the additional language barrier to overcome if I had been in another country.

In other good news, I am getting less afraid of going to church on my own. The people who run partnership class have decided to split us up (randomly) into smaller groups – that we might have lunch together before class, so that we can get to know people better. Group discussion in partnership class has also helped me meet a couple of new people and not feel really weird about talking to them. Having said that, I think that some of the people I meet find me a little bit too friendly on a first encounter (like I said, shy!) and feel a little strange. But I don’t really care. In the sense that, as long as I don’t harm them in any way, I’ll continue to be friendlier than my normal self, just because it’ll help me get to know people, and hopefully might serve as an example to people who might wonder just how you start a conversation with a stranger.

The bad news is.. (and you knew this was coming..) is that it is really hot – and I have developed some sort of persistent rash as a result. This is awful, so please pray that the weather doesn’t affect my mood too much.

Life in Singapore still feels strange and lonely – because the city and people have changed, and i have missed out on that. (Just like I am missing out on life in London as well now..) Please pray for me to be disciplined to sleep at the right times, despite my natural inclination to stay up late.

How are you all doing in London? Let me know how things are, I’d love to hear from you.


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