Church and other news

So… ok I know I haven’t exactly been updating regularly. This is pure laziness and procrastination. Anyway I have been going to the crossing church for two weeks now, and thought I’d update you on how it’s all going.

The first week was pretty scary, because I only knew a few people, and I didn’t know those few that well either. But I did meet a nice lady called Sonja who was from australia. She had been in singapore for a year and a half, and had been uprooted from a church like me. The only difference was that she had been part of a church for a much longer time. 11 years to be precise. I can’t imagine settling in! But God sent her a stranger, a christian lady who made friends with Sonja quickly and really helped her settle in by welcoming her into her home and even cooking food for her. It also happened that after church that week, it was the monthly church dinner. Guess what? We had curry! It was so funny to me because (and st helens regulars will know this) on sundays before a bank holiday Monday, a regiment from st helens will walk to brick lane for a curry. Except the crossing is currently renting out a function room in little india, so we don’t have to go that far for curry here. After dinner, I went home, and was accompanied by Sonja and Xian Min. Sonja lived an mrt stop away from me, and xian min lived a few stops further down the line. It was really nice to get to know them a bit better, and feel that I was actually beginning to get to know people better. Its really hard to make friends in singapore, especially amongst the younger people. This is because everyone still has their cliques from sixth form and university. I guess I would have been the same.. thankfully, I can see some people at the crossing really do make an effort to be friendly, and thats vey helpful to me.

Week 2, was good. So far we are goig through a series of living by the holy spirit. It has been nice to hear familiar things and remember that God is always the same. This has been an enduring source of comfort to me, especially when going through rough and uncertain times. It has however,  also been tempting to be bored by what I was hearing. It took a lot to remind myself that it was ok to be bored because it meant that the preachers were not twisting the word. I was glad to be reminded that even natural skills may count as gifts from the spirit, and it inspired me to think more about how I might be able to use my skills in church. Ideas for how to use my drawing skills are certainly useful and welcomed, because it doesnt seem like a very church-useful thing to have.

In other news, my mum has been worrying as usual about my job hunting. Needless to say, I am procrastinating away and have been slow in the application process. It certainly does not help that singaporean job application forms ask for the strangest information!! The one odd thing I have encountered so far is where I have been asked to provide family particulars, names and identity card numbers of my family members. Why do they need to know?? I need to submit soon though.. cant sit around forever.

Monsoon season has approached at last. This comes after the hungry ghost festival, where people believe that their deceased family members are released from hell for a while. This means that there is a copious amount of burning activity going on, where people burn paper replicas of luxury items that they hope their dead relatives will receive. And lots of burning of prayer incense as well. This means that there can often be lots of ash in the air, and the smell of incense is not nice at all either! People also set up stages to perform for the spirits. All in all, this is a pretty creepy festival that people observe. This is one festival where people don’t actually celebrate.

The monsoon season is as close to winter as singapore gets. Our tiny island is deluged by floods, and all this despite the presence of massive monsoon drains around the country. This isnt very nice, and when water is ankle to calf or knee high,  nobody wants to go out. After the rain, you either feel really nice and cool, or steamy and wet like a mangrove swamp. So see how lucky you get I suppose.

Thanks for those who have been praying for my fears of allergies playing up. I still have to keep away from certain fruit, even as my mum tries to tempt fate by pushing a forkful of sliced melon or whatever I have reacted badly to in my direction, asking me to try it. I think she is sad that I can’t enjoy the fruits that I love, but it’s not helping… it seems however, that I am not reacting as badly to air conditioned air as before. So that is a great improvement and praise God.

Another issue is that I gave my dad a lecture on whatsapp. I don’t like talking to my dad in any shape or form, and try to keep phone conversations with him under a minute or so if possible. What happened was I was very angry with him for being manipulative and making stress up in his mind. I ended up explaining how he frustrated us (his family) whilst my mum was going on in the background abt how he wouldn’t change and how lost he was blah blah blah.

Needless to say,  this made me very angry. But praise the Lord for giving me perseverance. … even though it was the last thing I wanted. I ended up with tellig my dad about a course that would help him understand us better. I forgot to tell him it was a christianity explored course…. but I hope he signs up for it. Because it is true.. if he does truly get to know God, he will see how his futile attempts to make himself great and making a name for himself have really frustrated us. But I suppose I’ll have to tell him abt it soon. Which I don’t want to. So please pray about that for me.

Please also pray that I am gracious and grateful for my mum’s unasked for efforts on finding me a job. I feel that she is intruding in my life.. like she is trying to control me.. but I guess she is just worried. It still makes me angry and frustrated.. as if she didn’t trust me to do stuff on my own.. and she also doesnt seem to like my choices for a job.. just because there dont seem to be any long term career prospects.. she cares a lot about money and being financially stable, but I also think that she has a very warped idea of living simply and getting by. My sister says its because she uses herself as a yard stick for everything, and is often surprised by very normal things, such as the convenience of public housing estates. (In singapore,  people live in high rise flats above shops, markets, restaurants and many other facilities,  so you don’t have to go very far if you need stuff) so… pray for my relationship with my parents… actually id rather not care about it… but God wants me to care.. so I’ll need a lot of prayer support. Thanks for reading!


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