Hello, this is me.

So, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry (BSc Hons yadda yadda), and a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Research (etcetera). And it feels like all the doors are ajar. Anything could happen.. but that includes the good, the bad, and the pug-ugly. We shall see.

I love London so much because of my church and my friends. I love the streets of London, despite all the dirt and the pollution. I love how you can speak your mind without fear of being arrested or quietly hidden (as far as I know). I barely exist. I love the anonymity of this city. This quiet reserve that can also host a decent party really fits with my personality. In London, we like our version of ‘peace and quiet’, and like to be left alone for most of it.


I hold a Singaporean passport. Therefore in the eyes of the British general public and the UKBA (UK Border Agency), I should be despised and kicked out as soon as possible. (Ok, that’s not true, but that’s the welcome that I feel I get!) I get it, I don’t belong.

Thanks to globalisation and air travel and so on, I can be a Chinese Singaporean living in London, and studying in some of Britain’s best institutions, and living in one of the most mixed-culture cities in the world. So I am allowed to say that I have seen (a little of) the world, and know what I am talking about.

Therefore, you will forgive me, or so I hope, for saying that I do not want to go back to Singapore! I have many may reasons for saying this, although I would say that chief of all is my church. My family that will endure til the end of time. Because of this family, I can see very well that I do not in fact, belong anywhere. Not even where my passport claims. Home is the eternal kingdom, the New Creation of God. Now, before you dismiss me as a religious fanatic, I would invite you to please read the top two paragraphs again and see that I am a nice human being with a relatively interesting life. Further, Christianity can hardly be called a religion – it is a relationship with the true and living God but you won’t get it unless you look into it for yourself.

Anyway, in the entries to come, I will talk more about how being a Christian has and will direct my decisions in life. Hopefully this will be a little encouraging to my Christian brothers and sisters out there who may face the same things.




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